To save a drowning man is campaigning for the voices of those affected by the now abolished IPP sentence to be heard, raising awareness of the 99-year licence conditions and the impact it has for progression, release and recall to custody indefinitely.

We are fighting for fair justice with the reassessment of all initial IPP sentences with at tariff of under 4 years and replacement with a sentence that now reflects the current day justice system and their initial crime. 

We are building a support network not just for those within the prison walls but for everyone dealing with this nightmare beyond it. 

#IPPpoliticalprisoners #IPPdontletthemdrown #IPPfairjustice 

Sara and Rob's story

Before you go any further I can’t tell you if he’s saved yet, it’s still work in progress but the drowning man is my partner Rob, an IPP prisoner sentenced to 1 year and 288 days in 2008.

I’m Sara, his partner, mother to his children and venturing into this world of blogging to share our journey, to try and show you the human cost of custody for everyone involved and hopefully help any others along the way.

What is IPP   


   What is IPP?